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Fire and Smoke Damage

Complete Fire Damage Restoration for Homes & Businesses

With the devastation caused by a fire, you’re likely faced with seemingly endless tasks to get your home or business back in operation. At EMERGENCY RESTORATION GROUP, we understand the challenges you’re facing. That’s why we’re equipped to quickly start on your fire damage restoration project to minimize further damage caused by fire, smoke, soot and water. Without immediate fire restoration, these factors can quickly lead to discoloration, rust, mold and mildew.

Emergency Restoration Group personnel will take a detailed inventory of the building’s contents; documenting with photos, video, and an itemized property list. There are several factors that go in to a fire clean up. The first item including boarding up the windows and doors to avoid theft from the devastation while you seek alternative housing. Next, we begin our structural cleaning and debris removal that have been a direct result of the fire.

Once the facility or home is cleaned we’ll continue cleaning and removing any damaged items caused by the smoke and soot. For items salvageable our company Water & Fire team will conduct deodorization and decontamination processes. The knowledgeable Emergency Restoration Group Water & Fire professionals have years of experience with building systems to help them investigate how far fire and smoke damage may have spread
to completely insure the job is done right!

Fire Damage Restoration



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