Recent magazine articles and television shows have raised awareness about the problem of hoarding; and other similar behaviors associated with various psychiatric problems.

We provide specialized cleaning services related to:

• Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Hoarding is the acquisition of large quantities of worthless junk items combined with the inability to discard them.

• Diogenes Syndrome, also known as senile squalor syndrome.

• Saver syndrome, a condition that leads to the collection of potentially desirable or useful items to a disabling extent.

• Animal or pet hoarding is specialized hoarder behavior whereby numbers of household pets, domesticated barnyard animals, or non-domesticated animals are kept under squalid conditions.

Upon the initial contact the hoarding specialist will discuss with the customer the different ways to approach the situation. No two situations are exactly the same so our approach is customized to each unique situation. There are many variables so how the hoard is handled also depends on what is hoarded and who is calling us for help. Often, a family member, friend, or social worker.

Services that are available to help are:

• Organization, separation, and throw-out help

• Clutter, junk and trash removal

• Urine, feces and waste removal

• Bathroom cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing

• Kitchen cleanup and sanitizing

• Health hazard elimination

If you need Hoarding cleanup or other restoration services, EMERGENCY RESTORATION GROUP is here to help. Based in QUEENS, and serving all of NEW YORK CITY, this locally owned and operated company offers 24/7 service for a quick response to your situation. To schedule an appointment, call (833)-374-2739 or reach out online.