We specialize in the complete eradication of transmittable diseases, also known as communicable diseases. Our professional disinfecting services are offered in NYC and surrounding counties.

Dangerous and highly contagious diseases can easily be spread by direct contact with a person or an area that has the contributing bacteria, germ, virus, parasite or fungi present.

While cleaning eliminates most of the risks, disinfection sets a higher standard for clean and requires more time, work and knowledge about how pathogens are spread.

You can’t afford to try to deal with something as potentially serious as an infectious disease outbreak on your own. That’s why we’re here. Emergency Restoration Group will research your particular problem, give you a cleanup and disinfection plan tailored to your situation, and perform the infectious disease control and prevention services. We are well trained and will meet all EPA guidelines for disposal of infectious material.

Bacteria and viruses are invisible and very difficult to decontaminate once a home, business or locker room have been contaminated. When a family member, co-worker or teammate has an infectious disease it is imperative that any room and the items they have touched or used are properly decontaminated by a biohazard cleanup company that is licensed and experienced to conduct such work. Not doing so exposes everyone who enters that environment to the disease. A host of procedures and specially designed cleaning agents must be used to quickly and effectively stop the spread of the pathogen.

Emergency Restoration Group can help you prevent the spread of Infectious diseases such as C.Diff, MRSA, Staph, meningitis, COVID19 (coronavirus) and others.