Vandalism, break ins, burglaries and arson can be traumatic events to people and businesses. Emergency Restoration Group cleaning team can help clean up after criminal activity by removing debris, covering or removing graffiti, board-up broken entryway or windows and making sure that things can get back to normal.

Post Burglary Cleaning

After a break-in, you might expect to feel uneasy or angry. You might not expect the mess or damage that can come along with a crime scene. After you file the paperwork and report what’s missing to the police, we can fix your property, so you can get back to running your business.

The break-in may have caused, broken windows, damaged entryways, etc. we can clean up broken glass, pick up debris and board-up to offer a temporary protection from the elements until the windows or doors can be replaced. There may even areas with blood and other bodily fluids that need to be proper disinfected and sanitized. Also, police investigators can leave a mess behind; your property might have substances like fingerprint powder and evidence-gathering chemicals. Emergency Restoration Group is ready to handle it!

Post Vandalism Cleaning

Vandalism can range in severity, we have the tools and expertise necessary to get your business up and running in no time. Our services include:

• Graffiti coverall or removal
• Feces and urine vandalism cleaning and sanitizing
• Broken glass and debris removal
• Windows and entryways board-up for temporary protection.

Post Arson Cleaning

Even a small fire can cause significant fire and smoke damage to your property. Firefighting efforts may even cause water damage.

Our trained professionals understand the urgency of restoring your property to professional standards. We work hard to efficiently restore your building and belongings to pre-fire condition.

Our expertise in Fire damage cleaning technics are well know to the restoration industry, that is why our team is the first choice for many Restoration Franchises in NYC, Long Island, Westchester, North Jersey and Central Jersey.
We even help manage the insurance claims process.


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