Sewage waste is obviously filthy. The smell alone can make your property unlivable, and the damage can actually be extremely dangerous to your health, with the waste containing a slew of bacteria and viruses that could make you and your family members sick.

If a sewage backup occurs at your home or business, contact help immediately. The bacteria could affect your water, putting you at risk for hepatitis A, giardia, tetanus, and other illnesses.

EMERGENCY RESTORATION GROUP has a team of damage restoration and cleanup professionals who have the right training and equipment to solve this problem and to protect your home from further damage.

Proper Sewage Removal includes the Following Steps:

1. Sewage water and debris needs to be extracted. This has to be done with industrial equipment and transported to an approved site.

2. Removing and disposing of any absorbent materials that came in contact with the sewage. That includes carpets and furniture. In most cases, walls are also included in the absorbent materials. All debris must be bagged correctly since it is considered biohazard.

3. Power washers, disinfectants and brushes are used for sewage cleanup.

4. Structural drying and dehumidification.